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Monday, April 21st, 2014


Decorative ProductsThe ability to manipulate what can and cannot be seen is yours with decorative window films.  From bright and bold, to soft and subtle, our decorative film gallery has a film to suit your personal style.  

Our Architectural Decorative Window Films are a series of decorative film-to-glass products that combine form with function. They add artistic design, as well as practicality, to windows in any setting.  Fill your space with natural light or block it out entirely.   The decision is yours in achieving the preferred level of privacy.

In addition to the many versatile functions, window films feature many fringe benefits.  Shielding your interior finishes from UV degradation, select films block up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays.  Your film application will provide a level of increased safety to your environment with its ability to hold glass together in the event of breakage.

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Lintec Decorative and Printable Films

Lumisty View Control Film


View Control & Decorative

We know that space constraints can drive the need for aesthetic solutions that preserve a sense of openness while creating an area of relative privacy.



What can block the view of a parking lot while it highlights a city skyline? Or eliminate the ‘fish bowl’ atmosphere of a glass conference room or work space? Or stop sidewalk foot traffic dead in their tracks to see a product in a retail display? The answer is Lumisty®.


Product Samples

We invite you to peruse our full line of decorative and view control films.  Our gallery features over 50 standard and unique products, manufactured by the leaders in the field.